Time in the mountains

Dark and dusty, a sanctuary amongst the ruthless mountain beauty. The unforgiving peaks cut through the clouds and will of any who dare summit them. Drakensberg Mountain range is a cathedral of suffrage and unfathomable reward. Tears, laughs, and all in between. Embedded in this scenic hellscape is a cave, is a dark and dusty… Continue Reading →

New Tides In South Africa

I’m searching for something stable, and I’ve found it. The surf is my crutch in these times of change. The tides of Gqeberha are different than those of the Pacific West Coast. South Africa’s Indian Ocean is a new beast, untamed in the landscape of my mind. The waves behave in a different process, but… Continue Reading →

Leaving it all behind

When am I going to be free? What is freedom anyway? When am I, Jared Rowlen, going to be free from everything that holds me down, holds me back, holds me from doing the things I should be doing? I’m twenty now. Old enough to call myself a man, old enough for others to look… Continue Reading →


Art by Milo Stibor, the homie*, follow him @milo.stibor13 I have been very desperate lately. I reach for a string to keep myself out of the all-consuming abyss of worry. The strings wear thin. I think soon I could fall in. Going overseas for an entire year is not a decision. It is a calling…. Continue Reading →

Meet Our Winter and Spring 2018 Bloggers!

Happy New Year! At SDSU Be International, a new year means welcoming a new group of study abroad participants and international students to the blog. Before you follow them on their journeys of discovery — both around the world and here in San Diego — let’s get to know a little bit about them!

When in Doubt, Travel!

It all makes sense now. All those travel blogs going on and on about the importance of traveling and leaving your comfort zone were right. As cheesy as it sounds: being abroad and leaving everything you know really does push you to grow and discover! Reflection moment aside, I cannot believe I have been here… Continue Reading →

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