A new home, a new experience

I have been in Japan for about 6 days now and I am enjoying every second of it. My first few days were a bit difficult as I was jetlagged, adjusting to the humid temperatures, and getting bitten by mosquitoes. Other than that I have made plenty of friends with some of the other international students from France, Germany, and America. It has been quite a struggle for me to make Japanese friends as they tend to stay together, but It is still very early I hope to integrate myself even more with them as time goes by.


The train system here is 100 times more complicated than what I am used to in the Bay Area. Everyone takes the train so it covers a large area of all the major Tokyo regions. I live a 20-minute walk from the Higashi Koganei train station so I do so much walking every day. I live in East Koganei which is a town about 40 minutes west of Tokyo. Nobody speaks English in this town so I have gotten some serious practice with Japanese while buying groceries and going out to eat. I had a very difficult time this week registering for classes during my first day at Sophia University during orientation as there was not much guidance provided to us for support, but I eventually figured it out and got the classes I needed.


On the bright side, I went to Shibuya twice this week and was able to reunite with Minami who was an exchange student at San Diego State University from Japan. I started playing more soccer as it is extremely popular in Japan and we have a field at my dormitory. Overall, the next 10 months will not be easy but I am hoping to make the most from this opportunity and grow exponentially. I look forward to keeping you updated as I get more experiences to share!


Richard Amaechi is a senior at SDSU majoring in International Business with an emphasis in Japanese and Finance. He is attending Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan for the academic year. 

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