So it’s really happening! Introducing Tasha Irianto!

We’d like to proudly introduce to our readers Tasha Irianto, a fourth-year Liberal Studies major going to BINUS University in Jakarta, Indonesia this fall! Tasha’s first blog post gives you her thoughts on the eve of her departure to Indonesia. 

By the time this is up, I should be across the world starting what (I hope) will be a really exciting, really enlightening, and really really hot, humid semester in Jakarta, Indonesia. To be honest, I’ve been too busy running around my hometown getting last minute tidbits and seeing friends to sit down and really think about what I am expecting out of this trip.

There are SO many things that go into international travel. Sim cards, currency exchange rates, safe foods/drinks, plug adapters, my goodness the list goes on! I tend to get stuck on these little details and have to pry myself away to look at the bigger picture.


So what is that bigger picture? In the weeks and days leading up to my departure, it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m going to be gone for almost 5 months–and in another country no less. I haven’t thought about the simple luxuries I am going to miss, like calling my friends and family without thinking about time zones, the breezy San Diego weather, or even the chocolate shakes at In N Out, among many things. But I’ve realized it’s the little things I’m gonna miss the most; my mom texting me everyday at the same time after work so I can FaceTime her, playing with my niece after her naps, grabbing a quick bite on campus with my friends between classes.

Despite missing these sweet comforts, I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of life and culture outside of my little bubble in California on this trip. I’m so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity, the support, and the means to make this program possible! Because of that, my main goal is to not waste one second of it. I’m going to give the whole “eat, pray, love” my best college try.

Thank you for reading this little piece of my brain. Next time I write a post I’ll be full on exchange student mode! Wish me luck!!! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my last couple days state-side!


Last visit with my dad before my trip!
My very best friend giving me the very best send off!
3 luggage set returns and a whole day of packing later… 



My sister, mom, and I minutes before the water-works!




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