Prague, Party of 30

After traveling all this way to Germany, I have just had my first trip out of the country. Along with a group of about 30 other exchange students from all over the world; I traveled to Prague (Praha) for an absolutely wonderful weekend.

Prague is absolutely stunning. The way the dark cobblestone roads wind around the Gothic buildings makes it feel like a whole different world.

I stayed in a hostel right off the Charles Bridge. The historic bridge is lit up with street performers and tourists throughout the day. From this location I was able to walk the whole city, a drastic change from Berlin where every adventure is accompanied by an hour commute. The ability to hop around the city and back to home base was wonderful.

Traveling with such a big group was a very cool experience. Someone initially had the idea to go to Prague and everyone just hopped on to the trip idea. The group split up to explore the medieval city during the day, and I got to see the famous Astronomical Clock, the Prague Castle and the Old Town district.

After wandering the city during the day the whole group would meet up to take on the town at night. We did a bar crawl with all 30 of us showing up, and it was a blast. We all became a lot closer after this experience of traveling and spending so much time together. 

I can’t wait until my next traveling adventure — I hope it will be as inspiring as Prague.



Chase Knowles is a business administration major studying in Berlin Germany for a full academic year. He is an aspiring sports business professional who’s backup career plan is to be a travel blogger.

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