Everything Will Be Green


Surrounded by nature

That’s all we are

Even when we crowd our minds with statuses, technology and cars

To justify crowding our globe with things we own, to cut away from what we can’t control.

The truth remains, happiness can’t be bought

And enlightenment can’t be read

I believe both can be obtained with an intuitive peace inside my head

A certain kind of stillness comes from

Viewing my spirit as a reflective image of

The nature that surrounds me.

The million shades of Ghana green I’ve seen

They help my thoughts disperse like the light at the top of the trees

I look up and there I see

When I surround myself with nature

A powerful beauty

An environment to be watered, protected, respected

It awakens something inside me.

My soul

My struggle to push through the soil to grow

I watch the Ghana greens move with the breeze

I feel the sun beam down on me, grass underneath my feet

And realize that Everything Will Be All Right

Because it was made to be, naturally

Song: Tell Him by Ms. Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 

Video Production: Chasejamison Akilah Manar-Spears and Alex Kwesi Afari 

Chasejamison Akilah Manar Spears is studying sociology, cultural proficiency and leadership. She is studying at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana for the entire academic year.

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