Malls, Consumerism and the Indonesian Lifestyle

Indonesian people love going to the mall. When we are bored, we choose to hang out at the mall instead of going to the beach. I’ve been back in my home country for two months this summer and I cannot count how many times I’ve been to the mall in that time.

I found out that Jakarta has nearly 200 malls, some right next to one another. There are many reasons for Indonesians going to the mall.

For one, Indonesia is really hot and humid. The temperature can reach 34 degrees Celsius in the afternoon or around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. People love to have an indoor place to escape the heat.

Second, Indonesian people are consumerists. We love western brands. For instance, the most popular brand here is Starbucks. You’ll find at least two or three Starbucks in a single mall. Right now the government is trying to reduce the malls in Indonesia and motivate Indonesians to not be consumerists.

Come along with me on a visit to the mall, and let me show you around!

Monica Kading is a comparative international studies junior. She is an international student from Indonesia.

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