A Gilman Scholar in Phuket, Thailand!

Apologies for my late continuation of my last blog! Midterms were happening here at Nanyang Technological University and I had to work on them.

First and foremost I want to thank the Gilman Scholarship for helping me fund my Study Abroad adventure. They have also invited me to events here in Singapore. One of them was in the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. I was invited to a dinner and was able to chat with other Gilman scholars and government workers.

After that it was recess week and I flew over to Phuket, Thailand. I stayed there for a week and did possibly all that could be done in Phuket. I definitely recommended it if you are an adventurer.

The first thing you have to do when you are in Thailand is go see elephants. So my roommate and I sought out an elephant sanctuary and had a lot of fun playing with them!

After that elephant adventure, we rented a scooter to go all around Phuket and explore. First stop was the Big Buddha over the tallest hill in Phuket. It was a long ride to go up, but it was worth it! After that we went straight to monkey hill to play with the little monkey dudes. Just bring some bananas and watch them go wild!

My last adventure worth noting in Phuket was with California native John Gray, the canoeing guide who takes tourists over lagoons in Thailand. It was definitely the best activity I did in Phuket, so if you ever plan to go to Phuket, you need to go with John!

My dad made this video about my day there with the footage I took, hope you enjoy it!

After all the adventuring it was time to go back home and ready up for the midterms :^(. This is where the blog ends because school work trapped me. Until next time!

After I am done with finals, I am planning to go to Vietnam and probably China!

Martin Ahumada Padilla is a mechanical engineering senior. He is studying abroad at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for an entire academic year.

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