A Closer Look at Ghana

Hey, everyone! In this blog post, a wanted to give you a look at many of the incredible moments I’ve experienced during my time living in Ghana. These photos should not only give you insight into my experience thus far, but hopefully also debunk some of the myths or stereotypes you may have about Ghana.

So, sit back, relax and scroll … all while imagining yourself in these photos, absorbing some of the beautiful things Ghana has to offer!

Fruit Stands: Fresh pineapples, bananas, watermelon, popo (payaya), pear (avocados) are 3 minutes or less walking from my hostel! The fruits ranges from (0.50 to 3 cedis) which is equivalent to (12 to 75 cents)


International Student Hostel: The inside of our hostel, where international students from all over the world mix and mingle.


Mystery Man at Sankofa Beach: he stopped me to because he wanted us to take a picture of him


Gilman Girls: My friends Summer, Alyssa and I all received the Gilman National Scholarship.


Study Sessions at Vida Cafe: My friends Ore and Chris. I actually met Ore while he was studying abroad at SDSU for a year! It’s funny how life works, isn’t it?


Working Mother: One of the most beautiful sights, is how hardworking and nurturing these women are!


Kakum Fun: My friends Jamila, Tsion and I walking along the bridge in Cape Coast.
Adinkra Making: Summer and I pound wood to create the red coloring for Adinkra Kente.


Adinkra Kente


Kente Weaving




Fetu Afahye Parade


Fetu Afahye Parade


Weekend Trip in Ada with the Play and Learn Team


Weekend Trip in Ada with the Play and Learn Team


Artistic Expression: Spending quality time with the kids in Ada.


Adventures in the Volta Region.


I successfully climbed the highest mountain in Ghana, Mt. Afadjato.



Farewell from the Wli Waterfalls

Brittany Jones is a senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies in three departments, with an emphasis in social work, psychology and criminal justice. She is studying abroad this fall in Accra, Ghana.

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