A Day to Myself 

After having a full night’s rest, I knew that I would be able to take more advantage of today, as opposed to yesterday’s insomnia-driven (yet still fun) day. I started the day with a morning jog to Barceloneta, a popular beach in the southern direction that took about thirty minutes to reach. Normally any run would tire me out well before 20 minutes and yet I couldn’t help but keep pressing on so I could see more of the city.

Along the way I ran beside the Agbar Tower, which is hard to describe but resembles a very tall egg-like building. This massive tower is not only useful for beauty though; It turns out that this structure is directly south of my home, making it a great reference point to the rest of the city. As for the behemoth Agbar Tower, I had to bend my a head a full 90 degrees just to see its summit when I stood beside it.

Upon arriving to the beach, I first had to cross a beautiful bridge over a quiet and peaceful pond. That’s when I remembered a word of warning from my professor; Apparently this beach should be avoided because it attracts too many tourists. But I was surprised to see the shores empty! Nearby there were even public workout stations such as a bicycle machine, completely free for anyone to use. It was especially heartwarming to see the a group of elderly women tackle this obstacle course as friends.

On the run back, I passed through one of the older parts of Barcelona that were originally a center for shipping and cargo. Nowadays, these streets have become a densely populated with enclosed and winding streets that feel noticeably different from the ordered, almost grid-like setting that is the main hub of Barcelona, near La Sagrada Familia.

Later that same day, I took the time to visit the Paleu Nacional, A building that resembles a capital office but is actually a museum for Barcelona art from many centuries ago. There was admission to enter but I’ll likely return before I leave for good. This building is where the picture at the top of my blog was taken and it has a great vantage point of the city. I was surprised to see how much symmetry is apparent from the four roman columns as well as the statues, bushes, etc.

At nightfall I ended the day with some lemon sorbet at a gelato stand. I’d include the name here but, honestly ,every stand has amazing flavors.

That’s all for today! Our upcoming days will be used to visit some of the local farms. How exciting!

Gustavo Aburto is a foods and nutrition major. He is studying abroad this summer in Barcelona, Spain.

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