Crossing Three Seasons During Spring Break

One of the things I love about studying in the U.S. is that we have all kinds of breaks. Can you believe that one month after getting back from Winter Break everyone starts to think about where to spend Spring Break?

It’s crucial that you know you will have an exam, a presentation and a quiz after Spring Break. But I still need to enjoy my break! My travels also need to be on budget. Here’s how I experienced three seasons on my Spring Break without breaking the bank:

Winter: Big Bear
Departure: 7 a.m.
People: 5
Transportation: SUV
Ski rentals: $18 per person
Snow Summit lift ticket: Half day for $62 per person (we went on Saturday and it’s more expensive than on the weekdays).
Return: 5 p.m.

Spring: Seattle
People: 2
Transportation: Flight. I checked air tickets constantly and found a good deal from San Diego to Seattle: $201 round trip per person! Link light rail and the bus was our main transportation in Seattle. Walking and taking buses is the best way to know a city!
Accommodation: The green Tortoise Hostel is an international hostel because people from all over the world stay there. It’s only $33 per night per person if you don’t mind sharing a room with other five people. They have free coffee, breakfast, table games and different activities. One of the greatest things is you can see Pike Place Market from the hostel. This means the first Starbucks is just three minutes away from you by foot!
Trip plan: We stayed two days in Seattle. The first day we went to University of Washington. It’s spring and the cherry blossoms are gorgeous at UW. The campus is huge and beautiful. There were not a lot students on campus and most people looked like tourist, like us; I guess the students were on spring break as well. The second day we hung out at Pike Place Market. I woke up early in the morning and just wanted to experience some local life. We had a very light rain in the morning. I saw people are unloading fish, making flower bouquets and getting ready for a new day.

Summer: San Diego
I enjoyed the excitement of Big Bear and the slow pace life in Seattle so much, but San Diego is my favorite place. I’m so glad to come back and hug the sunshine in the morning. Some places are great for visiting, some places are great for living!

Luqi Zhang is a junior accounting and marketing major. She came to SDSU from China.

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