Five Places in Madrid for Foodies

There’s so much to love about Madrid. Everything from partaking in the late nightlife to the mid-day siesta immerses you in the Spanish culture every day. But being the foodie that I am, my favorite thing about this city is the vast amounts of food right outside my doorstep. So here are, in my opinion, 5 food places in Madrid you can’t miss!

Federal Café
Australian inspired, it’s not necessarily a “Madrid-style” cafe, but it still deserves to be on this list of incredible food. They specialize in brunch and aesthetic interior design, which reminds me so much of the cafés in San Diego. My favorite dish is the baked eggs, which comes with slices of freshly baked bread!

Baked eggs and florentine eggs.

Mercado de San Miguel
This market is known for being somewhat of a tourist trap on weekends, but if you hit the market on a weekday you’ll find that the stall owners and food are as authentic as they come. There are dozens of stalls ranging from churros and desserts to fresh fish and tapas.

I stumbled across this quaint restaurant on Yelp, and I’ve gone back time and time again for classic Madid-style tapas. The owner even gave us a pitcher of sangria on the house!

El Tigre
This is a favorite among university students because it’s so cheap. And when I say cheap, I mean the food is literally free. Well… all you do have to buy a drink, but with every drink you get a full platter of tapas. I’ve been enough times now to know that the croquettes are by far my favorite. A fun fact is that to show that you enjoyed the food, you throw your used dirty napkins on the floor! So watch where you step!

All this food came with one drink!

Takos el Pastor
You know you’re at Takos el Pastor when the line wraps around the block, and for good reason. You can get authentic Mexican style tacos for merely 1 euro each. We’re talking Tijuana style street tacos, people!! Being a die-hard San Diegan and obvious taco-lover, Takos el Pastor gives me a little piece of home every time I go.

Chicken and pork tacos with pineapple.

Ria Taylor is a junior studying integrated marketing communications. She is studying Spring semester in Madrid, Spain.

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