American Pancakes vs. Svensk Pannkakor

Pancakes are an American classic; these sweet, cake-like pastries are thick, fluffy and topped with sweet syrup and butter. Swedish pancakes are different. So different in fact, that they aren’t even considered breakfast food. Swedish pancakes have many of the same ingredients as a simple American pancake recipe except they are much thinner.

Last week my friend Daniel and I decided to compare our traditional pancake recipes. He made Swedish pancakes served with mushroom stew and I made classic chocolate chip pancakes (vegan of course). Swedish pancakes are more of a dinner food to be served with stew while American pancakes are viewed as desert.

While making the pancakes I learned that Swedish pancakes are a lot like crepes and are very hard to flip. Daniel and I had lots of fun trying to flip the pancakes without breaking them (and were only successful once). I definitely like Swedish pancakes because they are a mix of a crepe and tortilla and make eating stew more fun.

Abbey Whitley is an English major at SDSU. She will be be studying at Linnæus University in Växjö Sweden for a full academic year.

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