A Great Place a For Day Trip in SoCal

If you live in SoCal and love nature, there is a place you should go before winter comes – Big Bear Lake!

Big Bear Lake is located at north of San Diego. We left around 7 in the morning and arrived at 10 a.m. I would suggest eating a small breakfast before you go on to this trip. There will be about 45 minutes of mountain driving, so you don’t want to mess up your stomach and ruin this lovely one day trip.

You can do a lot of things at Big Bear during the fall season, such as hiking, fishing, boating and trying new food. We decided to have a lunch and to go hiking. Peppercorn Grille is a very cozy American restaurant in “downtown” Big Bear. Their portions are huge; you can easily share with other people.

Before you go on a trail, don’t forget to buy a parking pass at the Discovery Center. It costs $5 and is valid for the whole day. Also you can get some suggestions on different trails. We went on Pine Knot Trail – a 6 mile round-trip that is considered moderate level difficulty.

We didn’t actually follow the trail because we want to find a great spot for taking photos. Surprisingly, we saw some wild animals! I was taking photos of the lake and I heard some noise. Just then a huge male mule deer jumped out from the brush 150 feet away from me. I was so excited because I’ve never seen a wild mule deer. At the same time, I felt so disappointed because I didn’t catch it with my camera.

Usually, I like taking photos for other people. But this time I wanted to be the model. I just love these golden leaves so much!

Time goes fast. Now I have to admit that school is more important and make up time for homework!

Luqi Zhang is a junior accounting and marketing major. She came to SDSU from China.

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