Exploring Sydney

You will find many amazing places and things to do around Sydney, these are my favorite!

The Sydney Opera House:

No matter what time of day, the Opera house is stunning. The best views in my opinion are from the Manly Beach ferry and from Mrs. Macquarie’s Point (both pictured above). Most professional photographers are shooting from Mrs. Macquarie’s Point because you get a great view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The Glenmore Hotel in The Rocks is also a great place to have lunch (I recommend the Glenmore Burger) with incredible views of the Opera House. Take a train to Circular Quay or walk twenty minutes from the UTS campus and check it out!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge:

It goes hand-in-hand with the Opera House but deserves its own category! At the South Pylon of the bridge (Pylon Lookout) you can pay $13 AUD for a general admission ticket and walk up 200 stairs for better views of the bridge, which is a cheaper alternative to the actual Bridge Climb ($288-313 AUD). After walking across to North Sydney, stop at Luna Park carnival and get a funnel cake (not gluten free).

Darling Harbour:

If you study at UTS you will spend a lot of time here; its only a five minute walk! Bars, clubs, bowling alley, movie theater, casino, restaurants, shopping – you name it and Darling Harbour has it. I personally recommend staying out of The Star (casino) and spending your hard-earned money on pizza instead. Crinitti’s offers one, two, and three meter pizzas that are DELICIOUS!

Bondi/Coogee Beach:

I threw these together because any first timer is most likely going to do the famous Bondi to Coogee walk. The walk is about an hour long but totally worth it, plus you get to walk through a cemetery which is pretty spooky. Bondi is Sydney’s most famous beach, so you can imagine how packed it gets. I personally like Coogee better; their aren’t as many tourists and it has a cool BBQ (barbie in Australia) spot on the grass where you can drink legally. Also, make sure to take a picture on the giant bench! To get to Bondi take a train to Bondi Junction, and wait for a bus to take you to the beach!

Morisset Park:

This one is a little far but super worth it! Catch a train to Morisset station (about two hour train ride from Central station) and then hop on a $3 AUD shuttle bus to Morisset Park. We came across about 50 wild kangaroos! They walk straight up to you like you have known them from childhood and some of them have little Joeys in their pouches.

Other awesome places around Sydney: Manly Beach, Cronulla, Newtown, Blue Mountains, Royal National Park (specifically Wedding Cake Rock and Figure 8 Pools).

Thank you for reading! And remember, never stop exploring!

Dillon Morgan is pursuing a bachelors degree in kinesiology. This fall he is studying functional anatomy, exercise rehabilitation and sport medicine at University of Technology, Sydney.

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