New Vegan Finds in Växjö, Sweden

As a vegan, there is nothing better than finding the vegetarian/vegan section of a grocery store; I am always pleasantly surprised when I find these sections in Sweden because they are sometimes a little harder to find.  The other day I discovered two amazing places to get vegan food!

My first find this week is a vegan cheese, tofu and meat section at a local grocery store chain called Willys. I go to Willys all the time but had never ventured into the meat section before (for obvious reasons). However, I wandered through there with one of my roommates and came across a section labeled vegetarisk which not only had organic local tofu, but vegan cheese and even vegan meats like pepperoni and sausage! Before this I had only found the dairy-free section and the frozen vegetarian meatballs.

My second and favorite discovery this week has been a small cultish looking health food store a few blocks off the main city center which sells all vegetarian but mostly vegan foods. This store has EVERYTHING! I found vegan mayo, hot dogs, ice cream, and tons of healthy meat-free alternatives including tempeh! Along with vegan foods, this store had health food items like veggie pastas, gluten free baking products and cruelty free cosmetics and soaps.

These past two weeks have left me pleasantly surprised with how vegan-friendly my town is!

Abbey Whitley is an English major at SDSU. She will be be studying at Linnæus University in Växjö Sweden for a full academic year.

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