La Huasteca trip

Time flies when you enjoy life. It’s very interesting how every time I have to write a blog I look at my calendar and remember all I have done. I feel like I am on a six-month vacation. Every weekend I meet people from different parts of the world and I learn some words in another language.

My friends and I are always planing trips because we want to enjoy Mexico’s states to the fullest. Our last trip was to San Luis Potosí to know the Huasteca – a region along the Gulf of Mexico. We rented two cars and, without really knowing the roads, we started our adventure. We drove around eight hours until we arrived to the capital. San Luis Potosi is very colonial; people are very welcoming and, like the rest of Mexico, it’s not expensive.

Our main priority was to know the Huasteca, but places in San Luis Potosi are really far away from each other. We drove around five hours to get to the tallest waterfall, named Tamul. It was a long way but it was worth it. The view is amazing, the color of the water is turquoise and, even though the water is really cold, we enjoyed it because the weather was super humid. The sound of the waterfall was very relaxing and for a while we were silent because it was so peaceful to hear just the water falling.

This pictures does not even capture the beauty of the moment.


The next day we went to a castle located in the middle of the jungle. The name is Xilitla and it is an unfinished castle built by Edward James, a 20th century Englishman. It looks like a maze because its full of nature and, since it’s unfinished, it does not have walls, so its really easy to get lost. Some people called the castle surrealism because of the way its designed. The castle has a natural waterfall that leads to a swimming pool. We spent a couple of hours swimming and just enjoying the amazing view.

It’s unbelievable how Mexico has so many different landscapes. The road trip was great really tiring and, even though the roads were sometimes dangerous, we all had a great time.

Sije Vargas is earning a bachelor’s degree in Spanish at the SDSU Imperial Valley Campus. She is attending Teconologico de Monterrey for fall semester 2016. 

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