2016 International Photo Contest: People’s Choice Award Finals

Welcome to the SDSU International Photo contest, featuring student-submitted photos from around the world. This year we’re choosing our People’s Choice Award through a 32-photo tournament, with winners decided by online voting right here on the Be International blog. After thousands of votes were cast in our first four rounds of eliminations, voting is now open for the finals below, so pick your favorite!

The theme of this year’s contest is “Experience Movement: Images capturing movement within everyday life of your host culture, in work, play, ceremony, and surroundings; either subtle or dynamic.” For more information on the International Photo Contest and to view last year’s winners visit this website. You will vote on images head-to-head, with the winners of each vote advancing on to the next round. To view semifinal round voting, click here. Voting for this round closes Wednesday at 9 a.m. Click on each photo to see the full-sized image.

And now, the voting:

Don’t Blink vs. Tower Bridge

Don’t Blink
Location: Capri, Italy
Narrative: In a world of constant change, all we can do is savor a moment. On a speeding boat ride through the Amalfi Coast, with waves crashing below me and clouds swirling above me, I was able to capture this moment in time, and relive this experience over and over.


Tower Bridge
London, United Kingdom
Tower Bridge, one of London’s most famous landmarks, lifts open to allow ships to pass by multiple times each day. Here, the bridge is currently opening for a vessel to pass through upstream. Traffic on the bridge comes to a standstill as the bridge opens and the vessel moves through.

Thanks for voting – check back Wednesday to see our People’s Choice Award winner!

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