Living Vegan in Sweden: First Impressions

When I arrived in Sweden, I was a little worried about finding food easily since being vegan doesn’t present you with the most accessible of food options. The first two or three days I was too jet-lagged to wander around my new town in search of a grocery store, so I ate some leftover saltine crackers from my plane ride and drank a lot of water. Once I did manage to locate one of at least four grocery stores, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of vegan options.

All of the grocery stores I have been to have had a large Dairy/Lactose free section carrying every kind of non-milk “mylk” as well as dairy free deserts and even whipped cream! My favorite of these dairy free products is Oat-ly! a Swedish non-dairy mylk made of oats. In fact, I drank a whole liter of their chocolate milk yesterday while studying.

However, as great as dairy free mylk is, you can’t live on it alone. Lucky for me things like pasta, rice, cereal, vegetables, fruits and deserts are all available in vegan form here in Sweden. Even peanut butter is available here! My most exciting discovery is Max Burger. Max Burger is a fast food chain that offers two vegetarian burgers and one vegan bbq burger! Be warned though, the BBQ burger comes with jalapeños so, if you’re a wimp like me, you might wanna take those off before biting into this burger’s BBQ goodness!

Overall, Sweden has been a very vegan-friendly place so far. There are vegetarian options EVERYWHERE and many of them can be made vegan if you skip the sauce or cheese. I am also happy to see that vegan options aren’t as overpriced here like they are in the States.

I am excited to see what else I can find and how well I can eat when traveling outside of Sweden!

Abbey Whitley is an English major at SDSU. She will be be studying at Linnæus University in Växjö Sweden for a full academic year.

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