Easing Pre-Departure Worries as a Vegan

I am heading off to Sweden in a few days for a trip that will last me nine months. Like most people traveling to a foreign country I am a little worried: Will I have too much stuff with me? Will I have too little? Will I stick out? Will I make friends? But there is one question I ask myself that may be a little more unique; what will I eat?

If being away from home for the first time and dealing with what I assume will be a massive culture shock wasn’t enough, I am adding “being vegan” to my pre-departure worries. To help calm these fears I have created a few simple solutions:

  1. Bring Food!

    -Like most Americans traveling abroad, I must consider packing a jar of GLORIOUS HEAVENLY GOOP (aka Peanut butter). This amazing food can be eaten on bread, crackers, or spoon and is good for everything from breakfast to homesick binge eating.
    -Instant oatmeal is also a good travel carry-on because it can fill you up until you have time to go to a grocery store.
    -Nutritional yeast is a must-have ingredient in most of my favorite foods (vegan lasagna). It offers a cheesy taste and acts as a staple in most vegan cheese recipes.
    -Finally, I never travel without a box of saltines! They are super helpful in dealing with any air sickness or stomach aches.
  2. Know what foods are called!Bellow is a list of non-vegan foods that may show up on ingredient lists:
    -Milk: Mjölk
    -Cheese: Ost
    -Butter: Smör
    -Egg: Ägg
    -Honey: Honung
    -Meat: Kött
    -Fish: Fisk
    -Beef: Nötkött
    -Pork: Fläsk
    -Chicken: Kyckling
  3. Know a few simple phrases… just in case

    -Jag är vegan. (I am a vegan)
    -Jag är vegetarian. (I am a vegetarian)
    -Jag äter inte … (I do not eat… )


Abbey Whitley is an English major at SDSU. She will be be studying at Linnæus University in Växjö Sweden for a full academic year.

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