The Best Places in Shanghai

During the past two weeks, I have been in Shanghai – China’s biggest city with hundreds of skyscrapers. I never imagined that I would go there, and it is very different and unique in its own way. 

One of the best places to see the Shanghai is from the Bund, a waterfront area in the central part of the city. The picture is a view of Pudong‘s skyline from the Bund during a cloudy day earlier this month. From the Bund, you can see the major skyscrapers, with the Oriental Pearl Tower on the left and the second tallest building in the world on the right (it is covered by the clouds).

Here’s a view of the Bund at night!

The Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world, which is 128 floors and 632 meters high. When you are standing on the ground looking at the Shanghai Tower, the building doesn’t look that tall. However, once you see it in relation to the Oriental Pearl Tower, you can see how high the building is. The picture is taken from the tower.

Another place that one has to see is the Yuyuan Garden, which was built during the 16th century. Around the garden, skyscrapers have been built, so one can see how China can take the old and the new and combine them together to get a new extraordinary recipe. In almost every place that you see in China, water and trees play an important role.

One of the major museums is the Shanghai Museum where you can find collection of the ancient furniture, sculpture, ceramics, paintings, seals and coins from the Silk Road.

Another major museum is the China Art Museum which has more than 10,000 pieces of modern artwork.

The Chinese value nature and respect it. One of the best places to relax, mediate and take a hike is at the West Lake in Hangzhou.

Shanghai is the most populous city in the world. So, how do the streets look like when it is a holiday? Well, everyone is out and the street are very crowded.

And sometimes, they have the military on the streets during the holidays to make sure that everything is organized and everyone is safe.

Finally, the most famous ancient water town in China is the Zhouzhuang Water Town. It is very well preserved and is famous for its art and crafts. There are elegant water views and you can take the ferry boat around the town. 


Dema Youhanna is majoring in business management. She is studying this summer at East Normal University in Shanghai.

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