Meet the New Be International Bloggers for Summer 2016

Summer is here and that means we have a new group of SDSU Be International bloggers!

I’m thrilled to introduce our 15 summer bloggers, who will be writing about their experiences in 14 counties across four continents. They include:

  • 12 students on faculty-led study abroad programs
  • 1 student on a summer internship
  • 1 international student living in San Diego
  • 1 faculty member leading a program abroad

Read a little bit about them below, in their own words – and keep an eye out for posts about their adventures and insights as the summer rolls along!

Chandler Alford
Europe (multiple locations)

“I am a Graduate Student at SDSU pursuing a master’s degree in communication. This summer I will be on the Communication in Europe trip, travelling to Barcelona, Grindelwald, Munich, Prague and Budapest! As nerdy as it is, I love reading for school and just for fun, teaching my Comm 103 students and – on the rare occasion I am not doing something school related – catching up on all my TV shows while relaxing with my sweet cat, Cohen.”

Arantxa Akerlundh
Jyväskylä, Finland

“I am studying kinesiology and I will be a student at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland for four weeks. I wish to share my experience, victories and failures of my travels to encourage others to travel and study abroad. Being an SDSU commuter with dietary restrictions studying abroad for the first time, I hope to provide insightfulness for your travels.”

Theodore “Teddy” Bruni
Quito, Ecuador

“I am a senior studying English Literature as pre-law with a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. For my study abroad program, I am going to Quito, Ecuador — nestled 9,350 feet in the Andes. My program is an intensive 9-week internship in the mayor’s office, an opportunity facilitated by the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. As a financially independent and married transfer student, this is a dream come true! With the help of the Gilman International, the DUS Weber Honors College and AS Study Abroad scholarships, I am here on a full-ride and every moment I am thankful, humbled and ready for an adventure of a lifetime!”

Stephanie Dunbar
Berlin, Germany

“Hi everyone, my name is Steph. I’m completing my final requirement for the International Business program by interning abroad in Berlin for the summer. I’m a lover of yoga, music, architecture and solo travel adventures.”


Giovanni Ferrante
Quito, Ecuador

“Hi, I’m Gio and I’m a psychology major entering my junior year this fall. I’m excited to show all of what Ecuador is – the most beautiful parts of the country, the most environmentally devastated areas in need of our help, the different types of people and their amazing cultures. My goal is to break down cultural barriers so that all people can enjoy the beauty and diversity of the world as a whole, and it is my hope that this blog moves us one step further in that direction.”

Julia Grigorian
Valencia, Spain

“I am double majoring in English and religious studies with the intent on pursuing a doctorate in early Christianity and Judaism. A resident advisor for first-year students at SDSU, I’m a mental health advocate on my own blog, Drops of Jules.”


Robby Sanders Good
Beijing, China

“I’m majoring in communication with a minor in international studies and I’m going to be traveling to China for a month to teach English and climb mountains in my spare time. I’m an energetic and goofy kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, and am very expressive in my writing. I’m hoping to learn more about the world and myself as I engage in this month long adventure. I look forward to telling you about it!”

Vicky Madera
Tbilisi, Georgia

“I’m a senior in the arts and letters major of international security and conflict resolution, with a minor in religious studies. My study abroad program will cover two weeks of intensive immersion into the educational, political and cultural aspects of the Georgian people. In the future, I wish to work specifically in women’s rights and gain an understanding the civil and political framework states use to protect women. I can’t wait to blog about life as young biracial female vegetarian.”

Jordan Ochoa
Rimini, Italy

“I am an international security and conflict resolution major. I am 24 years old and I love to travel because I feel that only through travel can you truly understand different cultures. I am going to be traveling throughout Europe for the next five weeks, two of which will be on the Rimini, Italy program, and I look forward to sharing my experiences.”

Kevin Petti
Italy (multiple locations)

PettiMug“I am a dual U.S./Italian citizen and a professor of human anatomy and physiology at Miramar College. I also teach faculty-led study abroad programs for SDSU. My course “Connecting Art and Anatomy in Italy” connects the genesis of anatomy as a modern science in Europe’s oldest universities, with the works of the Renaissance masters who also dissected humans to enhance their art.”

Annette Rainey
Europe (multiple locations)

“I am a junior in the television, film, and new media major. This summer I will be traveling through Ireland, the UK, and France with the SDSU School of Communication. I’m excited to finally get more stamps in my passport and build a fun, educational experience with my classmates along the way.”


Kellie Quinn
Munich, Germany

“I am a Master’s of Public Administration Student.  I am very interested in working with refugees and helping them to assimilate to their new homes. My hobbies include reading, playing the piano and water sports.”


Paige Severson

Oxford, England

“I will be graduating in 2017 with a major in marketing IMC and a minor in interdisciplinary studies. I hope to one day work in marketing in the professional sports industry. I will be traveling to England and studying at Oxford University, which was founded in 1096. I am exploding with excitement for my time abroad and I cannot wait to share how this experience shapes my world view!”

Dema Youhanna
Shanghai, China

“I am currently majoring in business management. I have been privileged with the opportunity to study abroad in Summer 2016 at East Normal University in Shanghai. I love to learn about other cultures and my goal is to inspire others to travel and see the world. If not now, then when?”

Luqi Zhang
San Diego, United States

“I’m a sophomore accounting and marketing major at SDSU and I’m from China. I’m looking forward to writing about my life in San Diego and share experiences with my friends in home country. I do a lot outdoor activities during my free time, and I like hiking, traveling, photography and rock climbing. San Diego has a lot great hiking trails and the beach is wonderful. I’m addicted with the weather in San Diego.”

Michael Klitzing is the editor of the SDSU Be International blog.  He is a 2004 graduate of San Diego State, where he now works as International Communications Specialist.

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