Eiffel in Love With Paris

Here I am again. Another bus back to my home in Maastricht after a weekend in yet another foreign country. This time I’m listening to melancholy music and nostalgically looking at pictures of the “best weekend of my life.” I may have repeated this phrase over and over again while describing my trips in my past blogs, but I don’t think that another city will compare to Paris.

There’s something about staring at Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in the eyes,

Eyes that mysteriously followed me as I explored other exquisite paintings in the Louvre.

There’s something about gazing at remarkable paintings, then finding your way out of the Louvre pyramid to see bright clear skies,

Skies full of blue and sunrays beaming on my back, never failing to guide my every move.

There’s something about strolling through the Jardin de Luxembourg and smelling the fresh yellow flowers and delicious nutella strawberry-filled crepes,

Crepes in one hand, a bottle of red wine in the other, and turning a street corner astonished by the sight front of me.

There’s something about turning a street corner only to be alarmed by the largest and most romantic icon of Paris, towering high above all of the landscape,

Atop a landscape of green grass, I sit and appreciate the sight of the Eiffel tower in front of me.

There’s something about sharing a box of twenty-five macaroons alongside your best friends in front of a view like this,

This incomparable view, the Love Lock Bridge, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Sacre-Coeur were all beyond magnificent and that is no hyperbole.

There’s something about being handed a rose under the glittering Eiffel tower at midnight, full of utter bliss,

A night I won’t ever forget, a weekend I will cherish forever, and its no wonder Paris, France is now my favorite city.


HannasmallHanna Van Der Linde is earning a bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric and Writing Studies at San Diego State University. She is blogging from Maastricht, the Netherlands, during spring semester 2016.

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  1. Mine too Hanna ~ love it so much!!! We’ll be there next week….darn, just missed you. Sheryl❤️


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