Au Revoir, Belle France


Time passed by so fast that my time here has already come to an end. I had a fulfilling day today, having finished my final presentation, delivered a 66-page consulting report to the client and attended the farewell party with the dean and colleagues in the major. And I realized it is my very last day at Audencia!

With four months, one real-time consulting mission, 12 courses and 14 group projects, my consulting major did not give me an easy time. Unlike school in United States, here we meet in class almost every weekday with the same classmates in my major. So during the past four months, my 50 colleagues in class are the ones who have stood by my side whenever hard times come (especially after the Paris Attack). We call it the consulting family. I think this is what I’ll miss the most. I am grateful to be part of this family, and I am glad I made the decision to come to France.

In my last picture post, I will share some of my great moments at Audencia and from a few weekend getaway trips. Now as I leave I also want to say thank you to SDSU Be International for offering this opportunity to find myself in my writing, letting me join a team of great bloggers and bringing inspiration to my life.

Although I did not have the most amazing adventure during this study abroad experience (I didn’t even travel outside of France), the great memories will remain forever. Now I look forward to my next visit to France, to the bonjour as well as the au revoir.


Yicen ZhouYicen Zhou is earning a master’s degree in business administration at San Diego State University. She is blogging from Nantes, France this fall.


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