Cruisin’ with the Royals

After a few weeks in Edinburgh, my friends and I realized that we were studying abroad to experience culture – not just to enjoy the nightlife. So I began looking for places to visit that are special to the lovely city of Edinburgh. After careful research on Pinterest of best things to do in Edinburgh, I found out that the Royal Yacht Britannia – the Royal Family’s personal yacht – was permanently docked in Leith, Edinburgh’s port!

We got to see how the royals wined and dined leaders from across the world in the main hall, where they spent leisure time as a family and where Princess Diana and Prince Charles spent their honeymoon! The Britannia was beautiful and was full of items that made you feel like you were getting to know the royal family. For example, we got to play a game they would play on the deck, saw Prince Philip’s easel and all the original bedrooms where the family stayed. Just being on the yacht was the craziest experience; being in the rooms where the late Princess Diana stayed during her happiest of times gave me chills!

It was one of the best days I’ve had so far in Edinburgh! New places with new friends doing things we would’ve never have been able to do without studying abroad are the kinds of things that make being in Scotland for a year so worth it.


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Lyna NguyenLyna Nguyen is earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at San Diego State University. She is photo blogging from Edinburgh, Scotland for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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