Adventures on Calton Hill

Within my first few days in Edinburgh, right before Uni was about to start, my friends and I thought it would be a grand idea to start exploring the place we were beginning to call home. Our first adventure was climbing up the infamous Calton Hill right in the city centre of Edinburgh.

The hike wasn’t too harsh, even though I did work up a sweat by the time we got to the top. The hill is filled with monuments related to Scottish history. It was very enjoyable seeing Edinburgh from high ground and learning about it at the same time. My Calton Hill adventure was filled with unbelievable sights of the city, Scottish history and a workout.

It was a good time with great company!


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Lyna NguyenLyna Nguyen is earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at San Diego State University. She is photo blogging from Edinburgh, Scotland for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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