An Experience Like No Other

As my study abroad journey continues, I can’t help but to be more and more thankful for what I am experiencing. Not only am I studying at a phenomenal university, I’m also studying in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

San Diego continues to surprise me more and more everyday, not only with how beautiful it is, but how much I am learning. My experiences here in San Diego are teaching me valuable like skills, and my knowledge continues to grow.

Billie-2Everybody’s study abroad experience is different. They are incomparable, but just as rewarding and unforgettable. My journey is consisting of enjoying the outdoors lifestyle and traveling, as well as trying to better myself. San Diego State offers an amazing amount of work opportunities, highly helpful talks by professionals, and the university just simply motivates you to succeed. I’ve always strived for success in everything that I do, but studying in America and here at State has doubled my ambition levels and pushed me to better myself. It’s giving me a career head and helping me to form a clear plan of what I want to do.

Whilst being in America, I have met nothing but hardworking and ambitious people. To be surrounded by such positivity and hardworking people only inspires you to be better. In life, there will always be room for improvement, new knowledge and skills, so being here and constantly being surrounded by motivated people is allowing me to learn and improve at a rapid pace.

Billie-5Study abroad is allowing me to make international connections, and I’m networking with people that, without this opportunity, I would never have even crossed paths with. I’m meeting not just American people from different states, but international students from all over the world.

In today’s society, networking plays a huge party in everybody’s career. It’s so important to be well networked, and study abroad has allowed me to make those lifetime connections with people all around the world. I will have this network forever. Who knows what the future will bring? There’s a good chance that these networks will come in hand in the future, and I wouldn’t have them without this truly life-changing experience.

Billie-1Making the decision to study abroad is the best decision I have ever made. I’ve been here for two months now and it only continues to get better. I’m learning so much about the world that we live in and so much about myself. I’m already noticing myself mature more and more. My personality will always stay the same, but at the end of this year I’m going to be a different person to the one who started this journey, different—in a good way. I’ll be ready to go home for my final year, get the best possible grades, and be ready to go off into the big wide world and make my mark. I’ll be ready to start making the foundations of the legacy I want to leave behind.

As I study film and television, and being so close to L.A. and Hollywood, I realize Hollywood is where most budding film and TV students aim to end up. Being here makes me more determined to get there. Studying here in San Diego is preparing me for the long and hard fight that I’ll have to make it to the top. I will get there, and the fight and struggle will all be worth it. My study abroad journey as already been more life-changing than I could ever imagine and I’ve only just begun. I can’t wait to carry on this beautiful journey, taking in every moment, feeling every emotion and truly having the time of my life.

Billie x x x


Billie Forbes

Billie Forbes is an exchange student from the University of Hertfordshire in England. The film, television and new media major is studying at San Diego State University this fall.


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