Lost in Iceland

Getting to my university in Scotland was a struggle to say the least, but it was an amazing journey full of unexpected twists and fantastic people who helped me along the entire way.

I had a 30-hour travel day departing from San Diego International Airport, then to Minnesota, then Iceland for a ten-hour layover, and then finally I arrived at my hotel in London.

If you ever go to Iceland, DON’T TAKE A TAXI. I rode four miles and it cost me $32 USD. No exaggeration. Other than that I absolutely loved my ten-hour layover. I went Keflavik, which was the nearest town to me. I simply walked through the town, bought some Icelandic snacks from the grocery store, stopped to take pictures in the quaint neighborhoods and at the harbor where all of their massive shipping boats were.

The winds were upwards of 50 MPH, and because I refused to pay for another taxi, I walked four miles back to the airport. All I could do was laugh because if I didn’t, I knew I would just cry!

Iceland is truly beautiful. The nature is amazing and it smells so fresh. The terrain is all volcanic rock, covered in lush moss and other shrubbery. It’s so different from San Diego!

After my Iceland layover I flew to Heathrow, took the Underground to my hotel in Pimlico and passed out for 12 hours.

The next day I went to the British Museum which is completely free and a must-see in London! They have different wings of the museum dedicated to each continent with some amazing and precious artifacts. After the British museum I went to London Bridge and Tate Modern, which is a huge modern art gallery – also completely free. I love a good socialist country!

That night I decided to go out clubbing even though I was all alone because I knew if I sat in my hotel room, I would end up regretting it! I am so glad that I did because I immediately made friends while waiting in the Queue, and we socialized together all night! It blows me away how friendly and welcoming literally every person from the UK is. I’m definitely learning to be more kind and caring to strangers and I want to bring that back to San Diego State for sure!

If we can remove any animosity from our campus between different social groups and focus on our similarities rather than our differences, we can have a much more unified campus culture moving forward. I have already seen what this can be like and I plan on doing everything I can to bring that same level of warmth and kindness and acceptance to SDSU when I return. I’ll update you all soon! Remember that you don’t have to be in another country to have awesome adventures 🙂

Nathaniel GeogheganNathaniel Geoghegan is earning a bachelor’s degree in English at San Diego State University. He is blogging from Stirling, Scotland for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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