Oh, The Anticipation!

Here it is: the beginning of a big adventure. I haven’t even left yet, but the emotions are already running high (and not just mine, the whole family’s, too!) Ten months will be the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my parents, my two little sisters, and Tigger (my cat). I had a moment last week when I couldn’t stop thinking “Why am I doing this? Is this a mistake? Will I miss out on too much here?”

It was all the result of me falling victim to a negative mindset, and all the questions stopped when I decided to look to the future.

It will definitely be hard to leave SDSU for a year! I’ve been here for two years and made quite the life for myself at SDSU. I lived in the dorms and worked in the Aztec Market during my freshman year, and then in my sophomore year I was a resident advisor (RA) in Granada. I’ve made some amazing friends, there’s so much to do, the weather is beautiful, and the campus is so full of life – all of which makes it hard to imagine missing out on a whole year.

I know what I am about to embark on will be so good. I think I will grow a lot and gain some life-changing wisdom and experience; the kind of growth can only happen if you go completely out of your comfort zone. I know for sure that as soon as I touch down in the U.K., what is going on in San Diego will be the last thing on my mind!

Oh, the preparation! I am trying not to let it overwhelm me, and I definitely don’t want to scare anyone away from studying abroad. Some biggest things to get on top of sooner than later are getting your visa (if you need it), health insurance, finding housing, a cell phone plan, a bank account, packing your clothes, and making travel plans, to name a few!

Studying in a country like Scotland, where it’s going to be cold for a lot of the year, I’m going to need a big jackets and boots, but I decided to wait to buy all of it. There is just not enough room! I am packing my life up in two suitcases for 10 months, so it is best to get that bulky stuff on the other side of the pond!

If you ask me what I’m most excited for, right now I would say my 10-hour layover in Iceland (so random, I know). I get to explore the capital Reykjavik, which is something I may never get a chance to do again in my life. Additionally, spending two days in London before school starts up is going to be a blast! I want to explore the city, shop, and hopefully see a couple of plays on London’s Broadway. After those two days, I’m taking an overnight bus to the University of Stirling in Scotland to make it just in time for move in day!

There is so much in store for me this year. I just have to keep my head on straight, enjoy these last few days in the states, and never forget to look forward. I’m very optimistic about the future!

Nathaniel GeogheganNathaniel Geoghegan is earning a bachelor’s degree in English at San Diego State University. He is blogging from Stirling, Scotland for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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