Arriving in Nantes: The Most Livable City In Europe


After a 17 hours flight (with a 2 hour layover in Moscow), I arrived at Paris CDG airport. With two huge and heavy suitcases, I felt hopeless to get them from the baggage claim to the railway station. But to my surprise, a very nice gentleman offered me a helping hand and insisted on guiding me to the train station himself.  Thanks to him, I managed to catch the right train and arrived at Nantes Station safe. My host family brother Bactage picked me up at the station (GARE SNCF), and I finally reached my new home after a 24-hour trip.

Now here I am, the city of Nantes, “the most livable city in Europe.” The weather is different from San Diego and my hometown Nanjing (China). It started to rain at noon and ended in the evening. I still need some time to get familiar with the tramway, grocery, city center (the Commerce), and everything shown in French, but I’m so excited about the upcoming five-month adventure in France!

With more blogging on the way, au revoir!

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Yicen Zhou

Yicen Zhou is earning a master’s degree in business administration at San Diego State University. She is blogging from Nantes, France this fall.

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