Unpredictable Moscow

Hello! The last couple of weeks in Moscow have been kind of hectic. Last Saturday, when I was entering Metro, someone stole my wallet with all my cards, cash, and most importantly, my US documents.

I’ve been dealing with the Moscow police for the last week, so I could not really go visit any Moscow sights to share with you guys!

While this post might be a bit short, I promise my next post will be more exciting! Since I don’t want to bore you with my problems, I’ll tell you about nice things I visited and experienced before my wallet was stolen:

Nikulin’s Circus
I went to circus once in San Diego and it was very blunt… The Old Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard – or Nikulin’s Circus – on the other hand was very epic! Acrobats did unbelievable tricks in the air! The circus also had different kinds of animals like horses, lions, tigers, lamas, monkeys, lemurs, etc. and all of them were doing tricks as well! It was very entertaining and tickets were only $20!

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
On the other side of Kremlin Wall, there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier! In Moscow, it’s a special memorial guarded by Kremlin Soldiers. They switch every hour, and while they guard, they’re not allowed to interact with tourists or each other.


City of Military Glory
World War II affected Russia the most, and that’s why I think Russian people are very patriotic, and respect and venerate the act of bravery of their great-grandparents. Here is a monument called “Hero City.” It is a list of Russian cities that did not fall during the big battles of World War II.


Moscow Night Walks
On the 4th of July, we took a walk around Moscow State University. At some point, someone started firing fireworks. It was very beautiful, and I took a picture of it! Pic4

Lenin’s Mausoleum
On certain days of the week from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Kremlin guards open the Mausoleum and the Kremlin Wall Necropolis. Thousands of people line up to see Vladimir Lenin’s tomb and the burial grounds of famous Russian people like Josef Stalin and Leonid Brezhnev along the Kremlin Wall. Here is me in front of Lenin’s Mausoleum. Pic7

This is the grave of Josef Stalin.

Pic 8


Evgeniya Tsibina blogs from Moscow, Russia in the summer of 2015. The International Business major chose an internship for her international experience.

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