Beginning My Journey To Oxford University

I first heard of the Oxford University Study Abroad Faculty-Led Program while sitting in one of my criminal justice classes in the beginning of the Spring 2015 semester.

I decided to attend one of the information sessions held by Corey Gustafson, an adjunct professor in International Relations. There, I learned the focus of our studies would be International Relations.

I am a Criminal Justice major about to enter my senior year, and I am always fascinated to learn about the different systems of government, politics, and history of other countries. I traveled abroad while I was in the military, mostly to Asia and the Middle East, but never have been to Europe.

Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, dating back to 1096. The university is situated in Oxfordshire, England. Oxford University is a collegiate research university focused on the study and application of liberal arts and sciences encompassing 38 separate colleges. The campus is spread throughout the metropolitan city, including a 70-acre park and the oldest Botanical Gardens in the United Kingdom.

Notable Oxford alumni include 58 Nobel Prize recipients, 26 former British Prime Ministers, and at least 30 international world leaders. Not to mention theoretical physicist Albert Einstein gave a series of lecture of the Theory of Relativity at Oxford and was ultimately awarded an honorable Ph.D. from the university.

After attending the first info session, I was determined to go. Not only did I desire to study abroad but the mere prestige and history of Oxford excited me from the very beginning. The decision to study abroad is a big choice to make since you remove yourself from your normal routine, your known way of American living, and your family and friends. But I know studying abroad is an experience that will enrich my perspective and put me a step ahead of my peers.

Of course, there were a few challenges along the way, such as financing the trip, but I was able to overcome. Before departing San Diego, I was meritoriously awarded an Associated Students Study Abroad Scholarship, which will definitely help out during my stay in Oxford. I highly recommend applying for this scholarship if you plan to study abroad.

To fast forward, I arrived in Oxford on July 2nd and have been here about 6 days now. The area of Oxford is very quaint and has so much history in such a condensed space. Getting around the city is quite simple with Oxford University encompassing most of the area. I also have the privilege to live in a three-story traditional British home, providing the full Oxfordshire experience.

So far the experience has been very enriching, and I am learning something new everyday. Two days after arriving, we traveled as a group to London, England, which I will post about in the near future. I also explored Oxford by foot and have immersed myself into the lectures and studies. There will be more to come so be sure to check my blog again soon! Cheers!

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