Welcome to Beautiful Moscow

I arrived in Moscow for my summer internship only two days ago and already I had a chance to visit the famous, magnificent Red Square.

I never knew why is it called that, but people here told me that it is because in Russian the words “red” (krasny) and “beautiful” (krasivy) used to be synonyms many years ago! I can’t agree more, it is breath taking!

Picture #1

Kremlin clock. If you ever find yourself near it, I suggest to wait for the clock to chime. You’ll never forget it’s ringing!

Picture #2

St. Basil’s Cathedral is also located on the Red Square. This sight is also famous throughout the world for it’s unique structure and colorful painting. To me it looks like a giant piece of candy! Russian history indicates that after the Cathedral was built, Ivan the Terrible ordered to blind the workers who built it in order to prevent them to be able to reconstruct it anywhere else.

Picture #3

I took a walk on Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge across Moscow River. This is a beautiful view of the Kremlin. The Kremlin is one of the most important buildings in Moscow, it is the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

Picture #4

My evening walk through downtown Moscow took me to Tretyakov Gallery. I’d heard so much about it! When I was passing by, it was already closed, but I will definitely try to make it inside one day, to see many unique paintings from the 10th to the 20th century.

picture #5 Picture#6

A peaceful Sunday evening took me to Gorky Park. Nowadays, the park includes all kinds of entertainment for residents and tourists in Moscow. The park has free wifi, a volleyball field, outdoor yoga classes, an outdoor cinema, many different restaurants and many other attractions. The park also borders on the Moscow River and in the evening it is a wonderful place to hang out to enjoy beautiful views. Thousands of people use Gorky Park every day.

Picture#7 Picture#8

Throughout Moscow you can find tons of cool architectural landmarks and monuments. I found these two in particular unusual and very creative. But I’m sure that I will find a lot more unique landmarks to share.


Here is something funny that I found: Sushi covered in black and red caviar! Very Russian However, I will be posting pictures with traditional Russian food soon! I promise!


Evgeniya Tsibina blogs from Moscow, Russia in the summer of 2015. The International Business major chose an internship for her international experience. 

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