My Favorite Hellos, My Hardest Goodbyes

Where has the time gone? It is June and I just finished my last exam this week. It is a bittersweet moment for me in Spain.

I am eager to see my family because five months are too many months without them, but I’m also getting really sad to leave the friends I have made here.

I realized that when we are abroad, we tend to make friends faster than we normally would at home because we are desperate to get close to someone. This also happens because we share many feelings, such as homesickness and the excitement of being in a new country. That is the bond that I will miss with my new international friends I’ve made here.

Here is a small glimpse of fun memories I made with all of my international friends while traveling through Europe. Making friends while being abroad is the best thing that happened while I was here because it helped me learn so much about other cultures, and it helped me understand how to make lasting friendships with others.

I share this peace of mind with my last post because friends are the ones who help you get through the difficult time while abroad; they become family and now the hardest thing to do is to say goodbye. But I know I will see them one day, because everyone wants to come to San Diego—I already convinced them!

My first and my only Barcelona game with my Canadian friend—Barcelona takes the win!Barca game chloe 2

These are my two dear French friends who opened their doors for me in Paris.Flo and Soline

The three Mexican Amigos on top of the Eiffel Tower. Paris 9

A camel ride with many international friends… yep: we are in the Sahara desert!IMG_2666

My favorite view of Barcelona: Montjuic.


Valentine’s Day in Barcelona! Where the gals get roses, and the boys get books.11194608_1054737271223079_2071317316085680859_o

A great group of friends at the top of a mountain in Morocco… one of my favorite trips!11179730_10152821561867934_473462604_o

These were some of the funniest, most loving friends I made in Barcelona. We were visiting Park Gaudi.11001123_10152681313487934_1982743299_o

A fun group of girl friends that went to the “Carnaval de Sitges” together.10959937_600472116750879_4829146669830340463_o

Lastly: a picture from my first week in Barcelona. There was a mixture of International students and we all formed a close bond.10995879_1447667495523241_3894814866302290620_n

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