Finding Solace From the Unknown

Prague is like something out of a dream. Its incandescence is almost impossible to describe with words, so I feel that a blog post just won’t do it justice. But I’ll do my best.

Prague was the second stop on our whirlwind trip throughout Central Europe. My goal was to write about it before I left for our third destination, but I was too busy living in the moment (apologies for the cliche) to pause and reflect. I had to take it all in after the fact.

10996437_10206790371027635_549071219495893817_nThe city is a mix of old and new, similar to Munich. But unlike Munich, Prague is full of mystery and ambiguity. There is street art scrawled across walls of buildings from past centuries, yet the art doesn’t cheapen the value of the building. It gives it an indescribable flair that Prague is famous for. In addition to the art, the “Capital of Bohemia” is full of culture. I overheard every language under the sun. This city draws in travelers from all different parts of the world because of its unique vibe and mysterious, majestical nature.

While we where only there for a few short days, we did it all: paddle boating down the Vlata River; visiting various art and culture museums; getting lost in the intricate streets; stopping for tea at a renowned teahouse; dancing across the Charles Bridge; adding our own personal touches to the John Lennon Wall; making friends, both local and international. And that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.

The Czech Republic is unlike any place I’ve been before. It’s one of the first places I’ve felt a bit “uncomfortable” in. Not uncomfortable in the sense of in danger, but in a way of feeling lost. The written Czech language looks like hieroglyphics to me. Although most people speak English, they are tentative to engage with Americans in their native tongue. And why should they? It’s their country, and we are but temporary visitors, only passing through.

11120574_10204502212055166_7348210871110563499_nAnd yet, I derived great pleasure from my discomfort. Any time you conquer adversity, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. At this point of the trip, homesicknesses started to set in a bit. Living out of a suitcase has become slightly daunting. Sharing a room with seven other travelers can seem a little overwhelming. But the beauty of the city and the excitement of the culture was revitalizing and brought me back to life each time I set foot outside the hostel.

Get uncomfortable every once in a while. And if you’re looking for a place to soul search whilst being a bit uncomfortable, I highly recommend Prague.

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