A Week in My Life in Pécs, Hungary

While I’ve been documenting my travels, I thought it’d be important to give everyone an idea of what a standard week is like in the quaint city of Pécs, where I am currently living and (sometimes) studying.

1. MondayMonday: A day devoted almost entirely to coffee, Mondays are a struggle, no matter which country you’re in. Thankfully there’s a coffee shop on campus, and a coffee vending machine in the university to keep students awake through all of their classes. And don’t worry about your coffee order breaking the bank! A cup from the vending machine will run you 120 HUF ($0.43 USD), and a delightful cup of coffee from the cafe will be about 340 HUF ($1.23 USD).

2. TuesdayTuesday: Haven’t you heard? Tuesday is the new Thursday! At least it is when your weekend starts on Wednesday. I spend my Tuesdays in the classroom, staring out this window and trying not to be too distracted by the beauty of Pécs.

3. WednesdayWednesday: Let the weekend begin! Every Wednesday night, the Erasmus and exchange students gather for “Country Presentations,” where students show a short video or slideshow about their home country and serve up samples of their local cuisine. The presentations are usually held in a nightclub below a dormitory, and afterwards a night of revelry ensues.

4. ThursdayThursday: Most students leave to travel to other parts of Eastern Europe on Thursdays, but if you’re still around, you might be nursing a hangover from Wednesday’s country presentations. Drinking tea and resting on the handmade beanbags in Szabadkikötö should get you back to health in no time.

5. FridayFriday: If the weather is nice, Friday is a great day to stroll around the city. In the spring, the main square usually has festivals every weekend with live music, Hungarian street food and traditional crafts for sale. Once the sun goes down, you could find yourself downing a few Palinka shots or Sopronis in Trafik, Contact, or Pecsi Est. When the sun starts to rise again, you’re likely to be searching for an order of doner kebab. Rinse, lather and repeat this until Sunday morning.

6. Saturday AND COVER PHOTOSaturday: There are a plethora of student organizations here at the University of Pécs, and they typically have a fun event planned for the weekends. One Saturday in April, the main activity was a Dragon boat racing competition at Orfu, a small lake just outside of Pécs. While team Erasmus may not have won all of the races, we did have the most fun and that’s worth something, right?

7. SundaySunday: The whole weekend has passed, and you’ve yet to study! Luckily, Pécs has quite a few cozy coffee shops and restaurants to catch up on your studies. With a solid wifi connection and fresh smoothies, Leszer is usually my go-to study spot.

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