In the Home of the Greatest Crime-Solving Detectives

I was on my way to the Victoria underground rail station, with the full intention of making a stop at Buckingham palace to finally see the royal residence of the monarchy, the heart of England. Instead, as I walked on London’s cobbled streets, I found myself a bit lost, as I always do.

Luckily, there are maps placed all along London and the street signs are fairly conspicuous. With a quick look around, I found out where I was: Baker Street.

As a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (of the books, movies, and the show), that name definitely rung a resonating fan-girl bell. I only had about two hours left in London before I needed to catch my coach, so I had a difficult decision on my hands: should I go off to look at what’s basically just a really big house… or should I follow Baker Street until I reach number 221b?

I chose the latter and was pleasantly surprised. The closer I got to 221b, the more I noticed that there were hidden images of Sherlock Holmes on the walls, and with every step I took, the more images appeared. It was such an appropriate sight: Sherlock hiding, waiting for careful eyes to see him. I was giddy with excitement!

Finally, I arrived at 221b Baker Street, where a huge line (or queue, as it is called here) was forming. After a twenty minute walk from the start of my journey, I was rewarded with the sight of a spectacular Sherlock Holmes museum, which consisted of a carefully thought-out rendition of what Holmes and Watson’s flat would look like, as envisioned in the books.

The genius of it all could not be captured on camera, but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway!

Now, here’s a take-away message for the day: Follow your gut and pay attention to the things around you… and you might find a hidden gem.

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