A Great Day in Manchester Consists of Tea, Books and Ferris Wheels

On a trip to Manchester, I found a place that was warm and welcoming, filled with endless words and illustrations. That place was Chetham’s library, Britain’s oldest public library. Now it’s kept as a museum that I was fortunate enough to visit the day I arrived in Manchester.

The library reminded me of the Hogwarts library in Harry Potter. Needless to say, as a major bookworm, it felt like home; I never wanted to leave… well, a small part of me wanted to leave after the tour guide told us it might be haunted. I took a few pictures to see if anything would turn up and lo and behold, is that a ghost at the bottom left corner in the picture of the door, the entrance to the library? Or just poor photography skills? I’ll let you decide.

All in all, Manchester was fantastic! I drank a surprisingly delicious and tangy antipsychotic tea at my new favorite tea shop: Propertea. I explored Manchester Town Hall, Manchester Cathedral, and numerous other places. My roommate Erna and I ended the day on the bright Ferris wheel in the middle of the city centre. The architecture in this city is absolutely gorgeous and the air smelled so crisp and fresh. Manchester, you know how to make a girl happy…

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