And All Falls Down

I never thought my first week, let alone my first night in Barcelona would be traumatizing.

My friend Becky, who is also studying abroad in Barcelona, and myself decided to take the local people’s advice of taking the bus to the center of the city after we had arrived to the airport. We were told that it would be very inexpensive and at the city center it would be easy to take a taxi to our hostel.

Many travelers entered the bus and everyone set their luggage in a large luggage holder. My friend and I had put our money and valuable things in my small carry-on bag because we were afraid to get pick pocketed. We locked my bag and set it on the carrier. We took a seat and kept an eye on our luggage.

There were a couple of stops before ours which was the final stop. When we were ready to grab our luggage there were only a few bags left and a deep feeling of pain hit my heart when I realized my carry-on was missing.

I wanted to scream and blame someone; instead I held it together and asked for help. The bus driver, Becky, and another traveler helped me look everywhere; my luggage had disappeared in the blink of an eye and I knew all hope of retrieving it was lost.

The police station was nearby and Becky and I walked there hastily. We cried our big brown eyes out and explained that my laptop, my camera, and wallet with all my credit cards had been stolen. Along with my belongings, Becky’s 800 euros were gone.

The police wrote up a report, but there was really nothing else they could do. We were devastated that night. Suddenly we were two broke girls in Barcelona, which was not exactly the most pleasant experience.

Luckily, Becky still had her credit card and she was able to pay for our four nights at a hostel nearby. The first two days in Spain were spent trying to do everything we could to get our things back.

The police explained once more that they could not help us. We moved on and tried to find happiness in old town Barcelona where our hostel was. The buildings were beautiful and so was the beach, but nothing made us happy. We were depressed for a couple of days.

It took us almost a week to forgive ourselves for making the mistake of leaving our luggage unattended. Skype calls from our family and loved ones helped us pick ourselves up again and get a move on.

I know that my experience can only get better because I’ve already hit rock bottom and I hope it happens soon. Word to the future travelers: Hold your things tightly and don’t let them go.

I hope my next blog will be full of adventure and happiness!

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